Sunday, April 27, 2008

Earn Cash 4 Your Online Time!

Well I just recently found out about this opportunity. They start out by saying, " Imagine telling your friends that your computer earns money while you are sleeping! It could happen if you are selected to be an Active Gomez PEER in the Gomez PEER Community."
Gomez will be selecting a diverse group of PEERs to be paid for their computers' processing time. Right now, Gomez is looking for users from all over the world with different Internet connection types, including dial-up and broadband users. They say that they will review your application within (14) fourteen business days and email you your account status. After that your account will be set to either active, pending, or inactive. The more time time your computer is available to be connected to the Internet, the better chance you have of getting your status set to active. They review accounts every (7) seven to (10) ten days so the more time your computer is online the better chance you have of your account being set to active.
So basically, you sign up with them for free, you install their software,
which is spy ware and virus free
you run the software. The more online time options and available times you select on the sign up page, the more processing time you will get,
(you can accumulate more processing time if you have a high speed connection) ,
Your account cannot be activated unless you install the software and run it. You'll need to have
a PayPal, Moneybookers, or Alipay account to get paid.

After you install the Gomez PEER software, it will recognize that your computer is on and you are connected to the Internet. The Gomez PEER application runs in the background of your computer, processing work that is assigned to it by their servers -- all without you having to tell it what to do.

Here are a couple of the FAQ's from their site:

What is the "PEER"?

The Gomez PEER(sm) is a secure, Java-based application that runs in the background of your PC. You may even forget it's there, because it will not disrupt the way you use your computer. Using advanced, peer-to-peer distributed computing technology, the Gomez PEER combines the spare capacity of PCs around the world to measure the performance of Web sites. After you install the Gomez PEER, it will periodically communicate with Gomez servers via the Internet, signal that it's available for work, and request a work unit. And you will be credited for your online time and work processed approximately every 15 minutes that the application is running.

"Once I am selected as an Active Gomez PEER, how do I earn cash?"

Active Gomez PEERs can earn cash in two ways:

  • Processing Time Payments: You can earn Processing Time payments at a rate of $0.0005 per minute.
  • Referral Bonuses. Even if you are not selected to be an Active PEER, you can always earn money by referring friends. To earn referral bonuses, your friends must:
    • Complete the online application form and indicate the referrers valid user name.
    • Have the application approved by Gomez;
    • Download, install and run the Gomez PEER;
    • Be selected as an Active Gomez PEER.

    Total earnings for Processing Time and Referral Bonuses accumulate and are credited on a monthly basis. Paid through PayPal, Moneybookers, or Alipay .

    Here is a list of locations they are looking for people to sign up from.

    Most Wanted

    United States

    All Speeds

    All Speeds
    All Speeds
    United Kingdom
    All Speeds
    All Speeds
    All Speeds
    All Speeds
    All Speeds
    All Speeds
    South America
    All Speeds

    So, now that you know, you can go here to sign up and check it out for yourself.

    If you'd like to sign up under me, please put Lmiller01 in the referrer line on the registration page. Hopefully the sign up will stay free but in case it doesn't you might want to sign up quick.

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    HCD Surveys

    HCD Consumer Research panel is an online survey panel I want to tell you about. It is only open to individuals at least 18 years of age or older. Membership at this time is limited to residents of the United States. Only one person per household is eligible to sign up and take surveys.

    So far I've only received political surveys from them, although they say that they also issue surveys with topics such as, entertainment, health care, political, food and beverage, and financial. Some of surveys seem to have a video theme, e.g. watch video, answer questions.

    So it’s pretty simple. The surveys are usually fifteen minutes or less and they pay in points that you exchange for cash. Surveys are normally 100 to 200 points per survey but considering those 100 points = $1.00, it can add up quick. Once you have accumulated a minimum of 1000 points you can cash your points in for $10.00 or you can just let it accumulate and have a bigger pay out later. Points are only good for US Dollars.

    When you are ready to cash out you just go to your account and request payment and they mail you a check within 2 - 4 weeks. Make sure you fill out your address properly when filling out your profile to make sure your checks arrive.

    They also encourage and welcome you to leave video and text comments about the issue on the website. If you upload a video comment to their site, you will earn 200 additional points ($2)! The video must first be approved before it is posted and points are awarded.

    You can sign up for HCD Surveys here:

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    My Visitors

    I'm new to this world of blogging so I thought I'd start with a little story about yesterday afternoon. I was sitting in front of my computer and heard a strange hissing noise (sounded like someone using a can of spray paint) so I think, maybe my husband is home from work early and outback painting something? I got up and looked out the window, there on top of our shed were these two enormous birds who were mating. I quickly grabbed my camera and ran to the back door to get some video.
    When I got to the door the birds were sitting side be side just soaking up some sun and looking around. I took a couple minutes of video before they flew away and started to think about what kind of birds they may have been. Suddenly Turkey Vulture popped into my head. I thought, could it really be a Vulture? I've never seen one that close. I've lived in and around this area my whole life and this is the first time I've seen one let alone two up close.
    So I go to Wikipedia and look up Turkey Vultures and found my answer.

    Yes, they were Turkey Vultures, also known as Cathartes aura.
    Everyone has different opinions about Turkey Vultures and most of them are not good. They are related the the Black Vultures, they eat road kill, and they live in large community groups. They lack vocal ability not having a syrinx, which is the vocal organ in birds. Therefore they make grunting and hissing noises (which would explain what I was hearing).

    So here's the video, it's not the best video ever but I was trying to get outside without being noticed.

    For more info about these birds you can go here:

    There is more to these birds than I thought after reading about them on Wikipedia.

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