Thursday, May 15, 2008

Critter Snackz 100% Homemade Treats for Dogs & Cats

Critter Snackz is a company that I started working with last year. They make homemade pet treats and also carry everything from dishes and outfits for your cats and dogs to Flavor Dough Pill Covering Treats. Critter Snackz are 100% homemade with no wheat, corn, bi-products, or chemicals of any kind.

Critter Snackz are made fresh when you order so it could take a little longer to receive your order than a mass producing large company. In some cases it may be three (3) weeks before your order arrives but you can call and let them know you'd like your order sooner and in most cases you can be accommodated. Critter Snackz are well worth the wait however and I'm quite sure your pets will appreciate the freshness of their treats.
Last Christmas I ordered two kitty beds for my two cats and they love them. I ordered the Thermal Cat Mats. They are wonderful, they have a thermal core that reflects your cat's own body heat back to them. The mats keep your kitty's warm without electricity. In this day of "going green" what could be better than a warm bed for your baby that doesn't require electricity. Best of all they are machine washable. I also would recommend the thermal mats for cats or dogs who have arthritis. So check out our Critter Snackz website, you'll be glad you did, and so will your pets.

My Pets are not pets to me

To me they are my little feathered and furry kids. My hubby and I have two cats, one male, and one female. Inky and Oscar are their names although they are rarely called by their names. Inky better know as Stinkerella and Oscar also know as Oopy. They spend their day's laying around, sunbathing, eating, stinking up the laundry room where the litter box is. They spend their nights chasing each other through the house until it's time to go to bed and crowd Mom and
Then there are three more, they are my "fids" (feathered kids) Harold, Frank, and Isabella. Harold and Frank are my Cockatiels who I adore. I love to listen to them sing and watch them dance together in perfect harmony back and forth on the perches tapping their "bracelets" (ID bands) and belt out a little tune when they both reach a certain point of the perch. Harold likes to have some time to himself now and then and when he gets it, he will say his name, laugh like crazy, and ask himself over and over again, "whatcha doin Harold?" While Frank is content to sit alone and watch the wild birds out at the feeder while he belts out a few wolf whistles to the prettiest birds to show up for a little afternoon snack.
Then we have the beautiful Isabella also know as "Izzy" & "Izzy B" who is my baby, my love, my heart. She is an African Gray Parrot who will be two years old in June. She is a wonderful talker, a great Acrobat, and all around talented, goof ball. She can brighten anyone's day with her antics and her sweet voice asking, "are you okay?" She is the bright spot in mine and my husbands life. She can make him forget about his bad day at work anytime he needs it. She pretty much makes everything seem unimportant after spending a few minutes with her. Then there's her trickery, she can mimic the phone ringing, which will make both my husband and I look for the phone, she spent last summer listening to the road crews pave our road so now when she hears vehicles in the driveway she can do a perfect backup beep like the big trucks. I don't think there is a noise or sound she has heard that she can't mimic yet.
I also have a backyard pond full of Goldfish and Koi, frogs and the occasional turtle. The pond draws lots of beautiful Dragonfly's and Butterfly's. The wild birds come to bath in the waterfall. Yes I must admit I do have a favorite fish, he is my one eyed Koi which I call Eddie. There is a story behind that but that's for a later date. I love to sit outside and listen to the waterfall and watch the fish swim and jump. All of my pets bring me great joy and I know my life would not be the same without them.
The credit for this article goes to who gave me the idea to write this so be sure to check out her blog at

Monday, May 12, 2008

Money Exchange giving away $25.00 free until May 15th

Launched in 2007, a new payment network – Revolution Money – was created to deliver significant value to both consumers and merchants. Revolution Money Exchange, Money Exchange offers an easy and secure way to send and receive money online between account holders for free. The accounts are issued by First Bank & Trust, Brookings, SD, Member FDIC and part of the Fishback Financial Corporation. These products are leading the transformation of the payment industry by providing secure, easy, and instant payment solutions to everyone.

So if you sign up by May 15th, 2008 Money Exchange will even give you $25 when you open your account. After that, it is free to send and receive money. It's the same principal as Pay Pal, Storm Pay, Moneybookers, or Alipay . Although it is a non-interest bearing account. The Annual Percentage Yield is 0%. Your account will be credited within 24 hours of opening and the offer expires May 15, 2008.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Now you also have a chance to earn even more money for free! Yes, free. Refer your friends, family, coworkers, anyone and everyone and you'll earn $10.00 for each person you refer that signs up. When they sign up they'll also receive the free $25.00. So start sending those emails and go here to sign up Revolution Money Exchange

Monday, May 5, 2008

Snowball and Stevie Nicks

I just love to watch Snowball. He is a great Dancer! This bird is special. There is more to his story so watch him dance and then check out the Bird Lovers Only website for more of Snowball and information about the Bird Lovers Only Rescue Sanctuary

From Snowball:

"My name is Snowball and I am a Medium Sulphur-Crested Eleanora Cockatoo. I LOVE to dance! Some of us are talented enough to whistle a tune, talk, swing upside down and around, and dance. Some of us are smart enough to count and even train our owners to do what we want them to do. And they think they're training us. Shhh. Let's keep it secret, guys!

I came to Bird Lovers Only Rescue in August of 2007 when my previous owner decided it was best for me to go to a home where I could get more attention. Plus, I'm in my teenage years and I've gotten to be a handful. I admit it. Hey, what teen isn't? The only difference between me and a human teenager is that I NEVER get the keys to the car! But I guess it's a fine trade-off for getting scritches under my wings and kissed on my crest. Ahhh...thanks mom.

I love my new mom. The first time she saw me dance, she nearly fell out of her chair. "We have got to tape him dancing!" I heard her tell dad. "And we should put him on our web site. This is too funny to keep to ourselves. Look at how he gets into this music!" Mom continued as she was wiping away the tears of laughter. I still don't get why my dancing is so funny to her. I think I'm pretty darned good. Like she can do better?"

Story continues here

Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) designated not for profit donation-based bird rescue which takes in unwanted, neglected, abused, and special needs birds. They find the most suitable and loving permanent homes for their rescues. Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc. relies on your charitable support so that they may continue to adopt birds to families such as yours. Donations offset the cost of food, cleaning supplies, vet visits, bird toys, and many other operating expenses. Be sure to check them out, they have a great website, and you'll find lots of laughs there "TOO", pun