Thursday, September 11, 2008

Congo African Gray Lost since May 12, 2008

Congo African Gray Lost since May 12th.
by Lisa Miller
Ohio, USA

Andrew and Tui

Tui is an African Grey Congo, now 3 years old (hatchday is June 12) and the various videos are of her progression and just things I manage to capture because she will stop everything when the camera comes out. 12th. It's been a long 4 months searching websites, posting ads, and doing what ever I can to help Andrew reunite with Tui!

You can go here, to see and hear the videos of Tui.

She speaks with an Aussie accent. She talks a lot
She has been missing from the Kansas area since May

Andrew's words: Andrew & Tui the African Grey
I lost Tui on 12th May 2008 due to stupid mistake of insufficient knowledge. Posted this so that it may help others avoid the result. If you have her plz let me know she is ok

I am posting this ad for Andrew. I've been trying to help locate Tui for a few months now. He is devastated about losing her. They had a very close bond.

If anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of Tui, please let me know and I will get in touch with her owner Andrew

Here is her last video,

BTW, she is banded on her right leg.

Talented Parrot, Macaw, Cockatoo or Conure needed for Media Event

Talented Parrot, Macaw, Cockatoo or Conure needed for Media Event!

Does your bird talk or do tricks on command in front of an audience? If so, we want to hear from you! There's going to be a big media event in NYC next Tuesday, Sept. 16, and several birds are needed...those chosen will be on the major morning talk shows and/or at a media conference. Hours are 6:30AM-Noon and 10:30AM-Noon; Birds and their human companions will be picked up and chauffeured around to TV studios, etc.; This is a paying gig...the deal is, you donate 10% of the fee to The Long Island Parrot Society.

If you'd like your bird to be considered for this event, please e-mail with a photo of the bird and a description of its tricks or talking ability. Please include your telephone number. You will be contacted by the agent if the client is interested. Many thanks!

No tricks in your bird's repertoire? Be ready next time! Attend the Trick Training Workshops at The Long Island Parrot Society's Parrot Expo on Saturday, October 11th at the Freeport Recreation Center! More details about Long Island's only major exotic bird event at