Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Review and Giveaway

I recently had the pleasure of trying Tropical Traditions Organic Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil. This coconut oil has so many uses it's unbelievable, well until you try it for yourself anyway. Then you'll be a believer too.

Now my husband is not a fan of anything coconut and around the same time I received my jar of Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil my husband went to his Dr. to find out his cholesterol and blood pressure were pretty high. We've always cooked with vegetable oil, olive oil, butter, you name it, we've probably tried it (even bacon grease in the fried potatoes).

Well after reading some of the health reasons for using TTVCO in the book I received with my jar of TTVCO, I decided to try to be a little sneaky. I've cooked almost everything with the TTVCO and so far he hasn't said a word. I even put it in the cornbread mix that my husband just has to have!

That's because even though the TTVCO has a great coconut smell and taste, when you cook with it, a lot of the coconut flavor cooks out. Although I can still taste it, maybe because I know it's there but my husband has not even detected the coconut flavor in any of the foods I've cooked in the TTVCO. I'm betting it's probably not hurting his bad cholesterol level either!

I also have been using the TTVCO on both of my cats food, I use 1 tsp. in each cat's bowl of dry food, one of our cats has long hair which results in coughing up hairballs (I know, it's gross). I've had the 2 cats on hairball control food for 2 years but he still does it. Since I started using the TTVCO on his food I've noticed a significant decrease in the amount of hairballs and their fur seems softer & shinier too. I use it in the food of my 3 birds as well and it has helped so much with their molts. They don't spend nearly as much time picking at the feathers, they have very active lives and seem very healthy and happy. The bird dust and dander seems to have decreased also.

I myself have some issues with diverticulitis and can honestly say that I have not had a single flair up since I started using Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil. My energy level has also gotten better.

Earlier I mentioned the book I received with my jar of TTVCO, aptly named "Virgin Coconut Oil' This book is full of information on the health benefits of using TTVCO, information on how the TTVCO is made, recipes, uses in pets, and lots, lots more.

You can learn more about TTVCO and how it was discovered here:

Now, want to get your own jar of TTVCO? Well Tropical Traditions is giving away a quart of their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil to one of my lucky readers!

Entry rules to win your own quart of TTVCO.

1. Go to Tropical Traditions and subscribe to their email newsletter. Leave on comment on this post telling me that you did and the email address you used to subscribe. = 1 entry

2. Follow Tropical Traditions on Twitter, leave a comment with your twitter username, = 1 entry

3. Subscribe to my blog by email, leave a comment w/ your email you used to sign up, don't forget to check your email from feed-burner to verify your subscription, = 2 entries. If you already subscribe, leave a comment w/ your email address you used.

4. Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect (no google account needed) left side bar, leave me a comment with your email or username, = 1 entry

5. Follow my blog through Networked Blogs, right side bar, = 1 entry

6. Follow me on twitter and tweet about this giveaway, just copy and paste this as your tweet.
"RT #Giveaway from @TropTraditions and @LisaMarieMiller 1 qt. jar of TT Virgin Coconut Oil"
Tweet up to 10 times for 10 extra entries Leave a comment w/ your twitter username and your status update for each tweet.
So you can enter a total of 16 times in all, all entries must follow the guidelines I've given here (you must complete the mandatory entry for bonus entries to count) , improper entries will not be counted!

This giveaway will end on September 30th at 12:00 am (midnight) EST. After the entries are in I will pick a random winner through I will then email the winner and you will have 36 hours to respond or I will have to pick another winner, sorry no exceptions!

Special Offer:
Receive a copy of the book, "Virgin Coconut oil" with the referral program:

Referral Program Instructions:
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Here are some easy to use directions for your referrals:

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