Saturday, October 4, 2008

Important Parrot Lovers Message

I thought I would post this Parrot lovers video on my blog because the maker of this video( did a very good job of explaining the basics of owning a Parrot. She was especially honest about the costs involved with owning a larger bird, besides the cost of the bird alone, you do have to buy a big cage, lots of toys,lots of fresh fruits & veggies, and have a lot of time to invest also.I'm sure just between her and I we could give you a fair assessment of the cost of owning a Timneh African Gray Parrot alone. Which is not even near the largest of Parrots, but they do pack a whole lot of personality into a smaller body! Not to mention the cost of the smaller birds we own. But I'm sure that both of us would tell you, "If your a bird lover, it's all worth it!" It's also like having a 2year old child for the rest of your life, because believe me, they can and will repeat everything they hear! As I write this post I'm being thoroughly entertained by constant chatter and and various sounds. ;)
If you do decide your the right kind of person to own a parrot, you'll discover one of the best gifts there are to cherish!
Thanks to LionIsa for letting me share her video with you! Until next time, Live, laugh, and love like everyday is a gift from god!
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