Monday, March 2, 2009

Buzzworthy Brands from SheSpeaks, Try before you Buy!

SheSpeaks is a free service that seeds products to women for feedback and reviews. Members who “match” with a certain product are invited to try it out, sent the sample for free if they accept, and then asked to fill out a survey on the product and share their opinions with other women on the Web site ( Now that sounds like the kind of fair trade we’ve been waiting for!

When you join She Speaks you will fill out your profile first. This is important because that is how you get matched up with products or services to try.

From SheSpeaks:
What can I do to participate in more tests? Since only a limited number of members can take part in each test, we needed to create a system for choosing participants to invite. We try to be fair to all of our members old and new, while still getting our clients the best available group for the honest feedback and genuine recommendations that they deserve.

Here is a list of some of the things we look at when we invite members to be in a test, including ways that you can boost your chances…

We love members who really want to be a part of our team. Yes, we understand that you are a busy woman, and we certainly don't want to add any more stress into your life! But we do appreciate members who engage with the site for showing us that they really want to have their voices heard. You can be a more active member of the SheSpeaks community by:
- making sure your profile is completely filled out
- responding on our blogs
- voting in our polls
- creating or commenting on reviews in Do Tell or Special Edition
- posting in our discussion boards

The more we know about you, the stronger the relationship can be: If you are not a fan of beauty products or you don’t have children, we likely wouldn’t invite you to test beauty products or items for children. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and truthful about who you are and what you like.
Completed feedback is important.
Testing the products is just a part of the fun. Don’t forget to then complete your surveys to tell us what you thought! Your honest feedback is what our clients most want to hear.

Longevity plays a part. We try to mix it up – welcoming new members to SheSpeaks, while at the same time, appreciating the loyalty of our long-time members.
Everyone deserves a rest. We would hate to be that annoying company who bombards you with emails all the time. So we try to space out our tests to give members a break in between. That way, you also have more time to think about your survey answers and discuss with other members in that test.


Members will test everything from hair care to snacks, books, TV programs, make up and more.

You'll receive an email every 3 - 4 months, depending on what your interested in testing, which is determined by your profile which you can change or update as often as you want.

You'll receive products or services to test and keep absolutely free. Just try the product out as you go about your daily life and provide honest feedback about your experience with the product or service, good or bad.

Periodically SheSpeaks will give you the opportunity to pass along special offers to your chosen friends and enjoy them yourself also.

There is never a fee to be part of SheSpeaks and your personal information is sold or shared.

So check out to join and fill out your profile and get some Free stuff to try now!

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