Friday, November 6, 2009

Bundle of Trouble, A Maternal Instincts Mystery

Mommy-hood, meets comedy, meets mystery, Bundle of Trouble is a bundle of emotions, you'll laugh, you'll wonder "who did it?" and most of all, you'll be intrigued, through every chapter.

Office manager Kate Connolly becomes a super-sleuth and a new mom in the same week. From the moment she and newborn Laurie lock eyes, Kate can't imagine returning to work after her six-week maternity leave, but in expensive San Francisco, she and her ad exec husband, Jim, need every bit of both incomes. Then a dead body is fished out of the bay and linked to Jim's estranged brother, George. Both the police and PI Albert Galigani, hired by the dead man's mother, believe that Jim and Kate know more than they're revealing. Kate is determined to find the elusive George and get some answers, but she soon gets in over her head.

Kate Connolly, a big fan of "To Do" lists  throughout the book, one example,

To-Do List:

1. Take Laurie to her one-month wellness appointment.
2. Visit Galigani in the hospital, find out what happened to him.
3. Find George.
4. Interview Kiku (bring own water!).
5. Call Winter Henderson re: hippie chick alibi.
6. Read the parenting book from library.
7. Find the parenting book from library.
8. Oh yeah, diet, exercise, clean car, be good mom/wife, cook clean, and all that jazz.

{Excerpt from Chapter One}
The phone rang, interrupting the last seconds of the 49ers game.
“Damn,” Jim said. “Final play. Who’d be calling now?”
“Don’t know,” I said from my propped position on the couch.
I was on doctor’s orders for bed rest. My pregnancy had progressed with practically no
hang ups, except for the carpal tunnel and swollen feet, until one week before my due date when
my blood pressure skyrocketed. Now, I was only allowed to be upright a few minutes every
couple of hours to accommodate the unavoidable mad dash to the bathroom.
“Everyone I know is watching the game. It’s gotta be for you,” Jim said, stretching his
long legs onto the ottoman.
I struggled to lean forward and grab the cordless phone.
“Probably your mom,” he continued.
I nodded. Mom was checking in quite often now that the baby was two days overdue. An
entire five minutes had passed since our last conversation.
A husky male voice said, “This is Nick Dowling…”
" Just as the phone rings with possible news of Jim's brother, George, Kate goes into labor with their first child, Laurie.

This is the first in a new series of Maternal Instincts Mystery's for Diana Orgain, and and enjoyable read.

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