Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm PR Friendly

Mom Blogger/Reviewers are quickly becoming a great media outlet for companies and their products.

I've been writing my blog and doing some other online things for the last few years for some extra cash, but that's not really my mission. I've finally started to get to the niche I've been after, reviews and giveaways. I've been doing online surveys and reviewing products for about 5 - 6 years now. I really love to try new products/services before others and then share my opinions about them.

I do not want to do this for money, just the opportunity to honestly test and review products and services in exchange for the product to try, and evaluate. I'm also open to doing straight giveaways without a review as long as the prize is shipped to the winner by you. Also in the case of a review and giveaway, the product/service reviewed will not be returned unless we come to an agreement about the product/service before hand and You are still responsible for shipping the prize to the winner of the contest/giveaway. We can make arrangements ahead of time to ship the prize to me and then I send it on, otherwise it's up to you.

If I do not feel a product or service is right for myself or my family, I will let you know right away but I'm pretty much open to try just about anything.
I prefer emails but will accept phone calls when absolutely necessary. I don't have the quietest household, I own 3 noisy birds, so you can see why I prefer email.
If you need further info, please don't hesitate to contact me at
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