Monday, June 1, 2009

Win Cash for Your Guess!

This is one of the easiest contests ever! All you have to do is listen to the secret sound and enter your guess as to what you think the sound is. you can replay the sound as many times as you want until you think you know the answer or just want to wing it and enter an answer.

Your only allowed one guess per day and your answer needs to be descriptive. Once you’ve made a guess, they will assess your answer and email you if it’s correct or incorrect. If it is correct, however, they will also be on the phone! - Guess the Secret Sound & WIN Instantly!

From time to time, MySecretSound will offer various promotions available to new and existing members.

An example of such would be a special $10,000 secret sound or maybe an easy $1000 secret sound. To find out when these will be happening and the exact amounts involved, remember to check their website often. Save the website in your "Favourites" from the link on the homepage – you could be in line for a bumper win or even get first chance at an easy sound! First to guess correctly will win!

It’s simple and easy to play. All you need to do first is create a free account, and then you can start guessing. You can listen to the sound as often as you wish before guessing, then when you think you’ve cracked it you can guess once per day, per contestant.
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