Thursday, May 15, 2008

Critter Snackz 100% Homemade Treats for Dogs & Cats

Critter Snackz is a company that I started working with last year. They make homemade pet treats and also carry everything from dishes and outfits for your cats and dogs to Flavor Dough Pill Covering Treats. Critter Snackz are 100% homemade with no wheat, corn, bi-products, or chemicals of any kind.

Critter Snackz are made fresh when you order so it could take a little longer to receive your order than a mass producing large company. In some cases it may be three (3) weeks before your order arrives but you can call and let them know you'd like your order sooner and in most cases you can be accommodated. Critter Snackz are well worth the wait however and I'm quite sure your pets will appreciate the freshness of their treats.
Last Christmas I ordered two kitty beds for my two cats and they love them. I ordered the Thermal Cat Mats. They are wonderful, they have a thermal core that reflects your cat's own body heat back to them. The mats keep your kitty's warm without electricity. In this day of "going green" what could be better than a warm bed for your baby that doesn't require electricity. Best of all they are machine washable. I also would recommend the thermal mats for cats or dogs who have arthritis. So check out our Critter Snackz website, you'll be glad you did, and so will your pets.

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