Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What will you watch today?

I just found this awesome new website where you can watch hundreds of movies and TV shows. I've been checking out some shows and I have to say that I cannot believe how clear the picture is, there is no pausing, skipping or freezing. The show or movie is buffered before it starts so there is no sitting and waiting. Graboid delivers only working links, in high quality, at download speeds you can only dream of when using Torrents or peer to peer services. And of course you can just stream and watch instead of downloading.

I think this is a great idea for people who travel with their laptops, bored kids on a road trip, and well basically anyone who wants to watch TV while away from their TV!

Click here to check out Graboid for yourself
Graboid - Free TV and Movies


Getting started with Graboid is quick, easy and best of all, free. First you will need to download the Graboid application. This takes about 2 minutes with a broadband connection. Once the software is downloaded – install it, launch, and click on New Account to register.

When you enter Graboid, you will automatically see the most popular videos according to our users. You will have immediate access to over 150,000 movies and tv episodes. Browse our extensive collection to find videos that interest you. You can instantly watch movies online or download movies to watch later.

Watch your favorite TV shows with little to no waiting time for video playback using our streaming technology, or download TV episodes and watch them later, back to back. You can watch your favorite videos, manage your account and participate in the discussions in our forums with Graboid Video.

So with over 150,000 Movies and TV shows, what will you watch today?
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