Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Win Cool Prizes With Tweet-A-Prize on Twitter

Every week Tweet-A-Prize will be giving away an awesome prize. These prizes aren’t junk either: EVERY prize will be worth AT LEAST $75, and they screen out the “lame” ones.

You need to have a Twitter account and then you'll first need to follow Tweet A Prize at @tweetaprize before you can win anything.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one! If you’re the first to get back to Tweet-A-Prize with the answer of the week, you win. There WILL be a winner EVERY week: guaranteed.


So, without further ado, here are the rules.

To win:

1) You have to be following @tweetaprize.

2) You have to have tweeted our entry tweet during the prize week by clicking the link next to step #2 on the bottom of the screen! That INCLUDES actually clicking “Update” when taken to Twitter.

3) You have to be 18+ years old, OR have your parents permission.

4) We have to be able to ship TO YOU from our address (USA, zip: 49242) for under $15. Most of the prizes are small in size and a pound or less, so this isn’t a problem at all in the U.S., and usually not international.

If you’re international and you still want to win, you’ll have to cover the difference up-front. So if it costs us $30 to ship to you, you’ll have to pay $15 before we can ship it. Sorry! We didn’t want to restrict the contest to U.S. only, so this is our only other option. If an international player wins the contest and decides he/she doesn’t want to pay the shipping, the award will then be given to the 1st runner up, and so on down the line.

5) You have to be the FIRST to respond, following all our instructions. If the correct answer is “Abraham Lincoln” and you’re the first respondent but say “George Washington”, you don’t win. Judging is up to us, but we’ll be pretty lenient on close calls.

6) For all “Who was first?” disputes, we’ll refer to Twitter Search for the official timestamp.

7) If you have any questions, don’t assume - just ask us! Shoot us a tweet to @tweetaprize so we can get the answer out there in public. Maybe we’ll start a FAQ on the website if things get crazy enough.

"How can we do this? It’s actually pretty simple. We just believe that our followers will be thankful to the companies sponsoring the prizes, and make this worth their while. Plus, we’re going to lead you on scavenger hunts through their websites so you can’t help but see their awesome products! Through a combination of your respect for a company willing to dish out the dough to give you free prizes, and the fact that their products will (hopefully) rock, we think you’ll make it worth it for our sponsors."

Now go win some cool stuff!

Tweet-A-Prize, a product of Unstoppable Studios, was created by Alex Linebrink (@alexlinebrink) with one goal in mind: Make lot’s of WINNERS!

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